Blc Informatique de Brie
Blc Informatique de Brie


Aide ponctuelle

Vous n'êtes pas adhérents, et vous rencontrez un problème ponctuel ? N’hésitez pas à nous contacter sur Dites nous comment nous pouvons vous aider, et établissons le contact !

Assistance ponctuelle pour les TPE et auto entrepreneurs de la commune

Vous avez besoin d'un conseil , d'une petite aide ponctuelle ? Contactez nous et rencontrons nous !

For our English speaking friends

Settling in France is a wonderful adventure, and is often the opportunity to face many issues you might even not have realized before !

And you are not alone! For our English speaking friends, we plan to propose a simple service :
Probably, you are from time to time a little bit lost with all what must be done through the Internet like Social Security, taxes declaration ... or any other usage of the computer (maybe simply using the computer!).

Whatever being the issue you meet using the computer, we would like to see how we can help you. Once a week, join us and bring us your questions and concerns!

For further details, would you please contact us on

Looking forward your email !